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Privacy Policy

Comic Strip Factory™ does not gather any information about you behind your back, or transmit any information to the publisher, DWDurkee, LLC. Comic Strip Factory’s email list, which you can sign up for here, will never be sold to or shared with a third party. It will only be used to send you news about Comic Strip Factory or other products of DWDurkee, LLC.

When you create a new document, Comic Strip Factory automatically enters your name as the author of that document. It gets this name from the name on the Mac user account you are logged into. If you do not want this information in the document, you can edit or delete it. No other personal information is stored in Comic Strip Factory documents unless you put it there.

The sharing feature (available in Comic Strip Factory on Mountain Lion and later) can share your document to Facebook or Twitter or by creating an email, but only under your control, and only using login information for those services that you have entered in the Internet Accounts pane of System Preferences.

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